Sunday, April 21, 2013

Goodbye Sam

Sam, a great guy, whom I have known in the blogworld ever since I remember, got a call from the other world and had to leave us yesterday. May he attain Nirvana in the place reserved for him. Shall miss him a lot. Request all visitors to please pray for his soul to rest in peace.
You may send your condolences to his grieving human here


  1. We are really saddened about this news. We knew him not long ago and shared great Pet Pride moments every week. See you in dog heaven, Sam. Sending our love and big wet licks to Sylvia.

    Max and Joe
    My Dogspot

  2. This is so sad. We'll miss Sam. We have popped over to send his mom lots of comforting purrs.

  3. We are deeply saddened by Sam's passing, and our hearts go out to Sylvia in this time of sorrow. All dogs go to heaven, and Sam will be at eternal play while waiting for Slyvia at The Rainbow Bridge.

  4. We are so sad to hear about Sam, he will be missed.
    Thank you for letting us know.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  5. We're only cats, Tanzanian ones, but have got to know and like all the dogs met here on blogger. Sam always motivated our mum to post our stories here on your blog, Bozo. So we cry with Sam's mum and send her warm purrs to comfort her in a small way. Sam will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for his mum when she makes that journey. Ginger, Shadow and Ambrose

  6. Oh no ! these are terrible news ! Poor Sylvia she must be devastated !

  7. Dogs and cats as pets,
    their friendly wag of tail or purrr
    brings sorrow when they are gone,
    but joy with them will linger on!!

    For dear sylvia on the tragic death of her beautiful dog!!

  8. I pray for Sam's soul! Rest in Peace!

  9. I am a dog lover as well.......... Really feeling sorry..... May his souls rest in peace.....


  10. Hari Om
    Dear Bozo - indeed a sad turn of events and from a needless trauma too. Have sent Sylvia 'embracings' from Mumbai, but I would also like to send you a cuddle for losing your friend. Gone but never forgotten.

    Have a peaceful week. YAM-aunty. xx

  11. Thank you, all of you, for such a wonderful goodbye to my dear, Sam! He is indeed already missed so much, but the important thing is that he's no longer in pain as he was in his last hours.

  12. Dear Bozo
    How can this be? You and I have lost our friend Sam. I am going to the west coast with my family this spring and I thought we might visit Sam and his mom Sylvia.
    I wish I could visit you, Bozo, so we could cry together. I see our YAM-aunty has sent you a cuddle. My mom would like to send you a cuddle, too.
    Love, Lindy

  13. hmm!! wish these losses could be replaced bhai !

  14. Losing a pet is tragic.
    RIP Sam!