Sunday, March 17, 2013

A dog show

Hi, My human is in London to celebrate my fav human's wedding anniversary. I am in my holiday home here in Mumbai and enjoying myself. Apparently I could not go to London because they would quarantine me for 3 months before letting me in so I told my humans to give my love to my savior while I enjoy in my holiday home here.

I will share the video of Golden retrievers performing at the Crufts show in Birmingham. These guys

are real good! Enjoy!!


  1. Loved the video, Bozo! Your frunds are awesomely awesome, so are you!!! Have a great vacation and be good.((woof woof) / Mawgli.

  2. Bozo, you are one cool guy to be so understanding to your humans! Purrs! Have a great weekend!

  3. That's a nice video all Charlies in it that's my friend's Golden Retriever ! I will sent her the video !

  4. Bozo, I love Golden retrievers...they are amazing friends to have. thanks for sharing the video. Hope to see you someday soon.

  5. Have a super holiday, Bozo! Don't worry, your humans will come back in no time. I know because my humans do.

    Max and Joe @ My Dogspot

    1. Thank you Max and Joe. Have a woofing weekend!

  6. Hari Om
    Oh dear Bozo, my face didn't know whether to laugh or cry - both with relief at your enjoying your holiday after all and at the amazing video you shared with us. Talk about Coordinated Canines! Don't forget to drop by My Menosukhi Monday spot for more on the "J"s!

    We Love you Bozo! Have a grraaawwft week.

  7. Lovely video, enjoy your holidays Bozo!

  8. Ah, Bozo! You are the best!! My Mom says I have to learn to be more like you and be more understanding -- I think she's right!!! Have a good week!!

    Sam Schnauzer

  9. Aah! Feel sad for Bozo...Can't imagine my Kishmish behaving so prim and propah...:)