Sunday, September 30, 2012


Had a sleepless night last night what with all the fireworks going around for the immersion ceremony of Ganapati Bappa. Feel sorry for Ganapati Bappa also who had to bear all that noise till he disappeared in the sea! When will humans ever understand to celebrate without all the noise that is so harmful.


  1. You're so right, Bozo. We don't like loud noises, either.
    ---Lindy and Kay

  2. You know,
    I can hear much more
    than you can.

    In frequencies , that is.

    And I have 18 muscles,
    that allow me
    to move my ears
    any which way I want....

    unlike you bipeds,
    I get to hear conversations
    Lord Ganpati and his
    transport mouse ,
    as the immersion processions
    trundle on
    till late at night....

    And I hear that
    the Lord wonders,
    why the bipeds
    actually celebrate His departure
    as if they are happy about it ?

    electronic music,
    woofers, people screaming
    and dancing.
    And then
    a dip in an ocean
    already crowded with junk....

    we dogs yawn
    when we are stressed,
    and I kept doing that last night....

    But just think,
    Bappa cannot even do that,
    like it happened before,
    folks will start
    another celebration,
    Bappa wants to drink milk.....

    I hear
    Bappa really likes
    small children in parades,
    school kids doing Lezim,
    and devotional singing,
    so misses it today....

    I guess He already knows,
    that politicians
    have taken over his festival,
    and everything
    is now for
    show of power.

    Bappa doesn't vote,
    so no one will listen to Him ....

    Maybe he should.
    Teach everyone a lesson.
    In sense,discipline,devotion,
    and concern for your fellow citizens...

    Ganpati Bappa Morya !

  3. When humans will have this precious insight... I am wondering too !
    In fact sometime back I even posted about it on We Cognize.

    I pity all animals who suffer in the "human society".


  5. "When will humans ever understand to celebrate without all the noise that is so harmful"

  6. Hi Bozo, we are sorry you didn't get much rest with all the noise last night. We kitties don't like loud noises either. When mama knows there are going to be fireworks she makes sure we are in a quiet spot in the house so we can barely hear the noise. Fortunately we live in a quiet neighborhood so it doesn't get too loud.

  7. Poor Bozo, my cats don't like these noisy humans neither ! Arthur hides under the bed !

  8. We don't like all those loud noises, too, Bozo. Have a great weekend catching up on your sleep. Purrs!

  9. True, firecrackers are a disaster for animals. It affects them mentally as well as physically



  10. What is it with humans and noise??? I'll never understand! I hate firecrackers!!!! Hope you get some rest tonight, Bozo!!!

  11. I hear ya, Bozo. We get our share of noise here, too. Weddings, birthdays, ceremonies, we get them all the time.

    That's a mighty big yawn there. We can almost hear ya!

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