Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My human has delayed again....

Forgive him guys... He had gone on a trip to the jungles to spot a tiger... Thank God he has come back safe!


  1. Talking of jungles,
    this city is becoming one,
    made of two wheelers,
    and intimidating individuals,
    drunkenly driving
    to kill......

    I know
    Lord Ram
    went to the jungles
    with his family
    obey his cunning aunt.....

    I know Pandavas
    went to the jungles
    that too
    with family,
    they lost a bet
    and a kingdom
    and had to honor the rules.

    In today's world,
    don't have cunning aunts,
    they don't lose bets
    and kingdoms,
    and they actually fly
    to the jungles
    to see tigers,
    as a prize !

    Seeta and Lakshman
    went with Lord Ram,
    All the Pandavas
    went with Youdhishtir,
    i guess
    the least
    I can do
    go to the jungles
    next time
    with Deepak ....:-)

  2. Hi Bozo! Lindy here.
    Tigers sound very scary. I often see deer, and rabbits, and sometimes even antelope, and I have heard there might be cougars nearby. They are very big cats, a lot like tigers, I think. I know they are bigger than I am. I'm not afraid of housecats, but tiger cats, ohhhhhh!
    My mom says to ask you if you saw your name and mine on Sam and Sylvia's blog header. Do you think that means we are famous, being on someone else's blog header? It was made by the nice lady who made you the nice long poem about tigers and jungles.

    Lindy and Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. I have always loved dogs, they are quite cunning and loyal as well. Beautiful pic, is it your pet?

  4. To kiss your nose and look into your innocent big brown eyes :)

  5. A big hug to the cute doggie :))